For two decades, SmartMark has been actively engaged in industries undergoing technology and business transformation. Its clients have acquired and been acquired by emerging industry and technology disrupters, putting SmartMark in the critical role of helping develop roadmaps for technology, business, and industry convergence.

With its understanding of industry transformation, SmartMark comes to the table prepared with deep industry relationships, strong technical knowledge, and seasoned expertise in the business of industry transformation.

Our areas of expertise :

  • Program design and management
  • Business case development for advanced technology, with an emphasis on customer benefits
  • Corporate Positioning and industry strategy
  • Customer experience: strategy, investments, applications, and analytics
  • Cloud based innovation and IoT integration and value-added applications
  • Equity strategies and solutions for LMI
  • ESG
  • Smart Home and Smart City

Our focus areas

  • Energy and Utilities Business, Technology, and Industry Transformation
  • Climate Change and Carbon reduction
  • Telecom and Network Communications
  • Media and Communications