SmartMark Labs is an entirely unique concept in developing customized, customer experience solutions. We match the most cutting edge hardware and software products both in and out of market with innovating customers to develop customized applications and solutions to meet their needs. We work closely with technology vendors on modifications and approvals, and with customers on a program for measuring success. Then we pilot these solutions and analyze the results.

Here is how it works.


Smart Home and Smart City

SmartMark is at the forefront of designing smart home and smart city programs. The company has extensive history and deep relationships with the communications, energy and transportation industries. In addition to working with stakeholders to identify goals and select the most appropriate technologies, SmartMark has program management capabilities to bring pilots to life and track measurable results. Below are some examples of how SmartMark Communications is leading the way on smart home and smart city.

Read here to learn more about how SmartMark supported BGE’s efforts to certify their smart home solution with ENERGY STAR.

Visit APPA’s website to read “Creating a Smart City Roadmap for Public Power Utilities” authored by SmartMark Communications in conjunction with the American Public Power Association.

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