SmartMark Communications CEO Juliet Shavit ‘Sees 2020’ on Cover of CIOReview January Issue

Company Named Leading Utility Solutions Provider Second Year in a Row; Seeks to Define a Decade of Customer-Focused Industry Transformation

Philadelphia, PA – January 27, 2020 – SmartMark Communications announced today that it has been selected as the leading utility solutions provider for the second year in a row by CIOReview magazine. According to the article, the Company’s energy practice, SmartEnergy IPTM is creating the roadmap for innovation in customer experience, transforming the utility-customer relationship in unprecedented ways.

The cover story describes the Company as leveraging its 20-year history of rolling out customer facing programs to marry proven best practices with the excitement of innovation. According to the article, the Company is more passionate than ever about the customer experience and more aware of what is missing. SmartMark’s roots in network communications have given the Company an edge in fearlessness around technology and a sneak peek into the future. Their practical experience working with utilities and stakeholders help energy companies navigate technology adoption wisely, keeping in mind the important regulatory demands that require risk assessment and analytics driven programs that benefit consumers.

“If I think back about the start of SmartMark 20 years ago and how much the world around us has transformed, I get an unbelievable sense of excitement for what’s in store in the next decade and the role the Company is set to play,” said Shavit. “2020 is the year when utilities grasp that the role they play is in the development of smarter communities and people. It is the year they work with their stakeholders to apply innovation to reach new levels of energy efficiency and grid management, while better positioning themselves as dynamic, exciting companies that put the customer first.”

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