Avionic Systems

Sage Technologies provides the most advanced avionics solutions on the market, supporting some of our nation’s most sensitive and critical aircraft.

Current Products and Platforms

Sage Technologies designs are flying on the following aircraft: VH-3D, VH-60N, H-60, H-65, VH-92, C-130 and others

Some of our systems and technologies:

  • SATCOM Integrated Mount (SIM)
  • 2 ARC-210 Gen 5 radios-provides Full-Duplex
  • ARC-244A FM Radios
  • Cockpit Control Data Unit (CDU) on 1553 Bus
  • Data Collection Receiver-Transmitter
  • Integration of Iridium Modems for aircraft
  • Emergency Communication Panel (ECP)
  • Common Fill Panel (CFP)
  • Platform Unique Interface Boxes
  • Navigation Interface Unit (NIU)
  • Communication Interface Unit (CIU)

Avionics developed for aircraft platforms

Call Management System (CMS) (for VH-3D and VH-60)

  • Provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls

Wide Band Line of Sight (WBLOS)

  • Works in conjunction with the CMS providing radio interface to various ground stations

Airborne Wi-Fi System

  • Integrated third party equipment consisting of a Wi-Fi router and a Small Server Module adding Ethernet capability to the WBLOS system

Upgrade Communications Interface Unit (CIU)

  • Support and Control for CMS SLED and WBLOS SLED Equipment
  • Support legacy protocols on new VH-92 Equipment

Radio Control Unit (RCU) (for VH-92A)

  • Ruggedized box, Controls 8 radios, NVIS compliant, Sun-light readability